Fix Your Arm Bar: How To Prevent And Fix Arm Bar’s In...

Fix Your Arm Bar: How To Prevent And Fix Arm Bar’s In Youth Little League Baseball


Hey guys, Connor powers after you were going to talk about arm bar. We got a lot of emails, I’m gonna give you the definition of what an arm bar is and how you can go about fixing it immediately.

Okay, so just to start, the definition of arm bar is when you’re using too much of your bottom arm. So, I’m right hand so obviously is going to be my left hand here, right? And generally you’re gonna be starting right here, when you push back too much here, alright? So the loading, all you’re doing is pushing back and it’s causing that arm to bar out. When you bar that arm out, it’s much more difficult to take proper swing path, it’s going to create inefficiencies in your swing, you’re always want to have a little bit of flexure, right? So, is a couple things you can do depend on how you stand to set up to fix that, right? So you gonna do, the first thing I suggest is, especially if you’re a guy who’s really tight close in here, in your shoulders, what we’re gonna do is, first preset this front arm, right? Preset it to get a little bit of flex, alright, not barred out but not take in. So, a little bit of flex it’s gonna be where you come from, alright? So you already have a back and what you gonna do instead of jerking your arm back to bar out, what you gonna do is make a nice smooth slow motion to get in that launch position, alright? So, what you gonna do, just as a drill, just to work on a ride. So get your arm, preset it and use this top hand to load. So use this to load your swing.

Let’s do it, three times roll and what I want you to do is count to two while you’re loading, okay? So, what you gonna do is you gonna go: one, two, alright? So, one, two, nice, easy and slow and rhythmic, alright? And so, the point of that is it prevent you from, first of all, barring out, and being way, way too rigid and jamming with your load, your load is being nice smooth and easy.
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